Parker Street Publications is Nick Ashton-Jones, PUBLISHING.

I set up Parker Street Publications in 2018 to publish my own fiction and non-fiction works. I am happy to consider other writers whose philosophies are in harmony with mine. 

Although the issue facing 21st century writers is marketing, publishing is a problem for those whose drive is the irresistible urge to write. And write. Traditional publishers must make a profit and therefore look out for books that will sell hundreds of thousands, or millions, of copies. Preferably written by well-known names. 

An unknown writer has difficulty bringing the result of an intense literary struggle to the attention of a good agent or publisher. The effort required is time-consuming and disheartening, testing the most self-confident resolve. The first step, then, for the determined writer is to get the book “out there” and easy to buy, either as a hard or a soft version. This is what Parker Street Publishing aims to facilitate.

Philosophically, Parker Street Publications concerns itself with answering the question: How did society come to this state of affairs? The answer may be proposed as fiction or non-fiction; prose or poetry. While I could have set up in North London, I decided to come back to my Derbyshire roots: Parker Street Publications is based in Derby, which is a microcosm of contemporary Britain.