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Nick Ashton-Jones

Nick Ashton-Jones

is an environmental scientist and agronomist who is also a writer and publisher. His career has mostly involved agricultural and conservation projects in Papua New Guinea, SE Asia and Nigeria. Most recently he completed, in 2018, twelve years working with local people in the Niger Valley setting up an agricultural project. Significantly, however, he was involved, in the 1990s, in the human rights issues arising from the oil extraction industry of the Niger Delta. The experience included a mock execution, which particularly focused his mind on the question that has preoccupied him ever since: How, he asks, did we come to the awful injustice that has ravaged the ecology and the communities of the Niger Delta?  See

Nick has published three novels, two novellas, the first part of his consideration of the human landscape, Landscape, Wealth and Dispossession, and other works. He writes furiously every day and plans to publish two or three books in 2019, and more thereafter.

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The second instalment to Nick’s six part series: Landscape, Wealth & Dispossession is available now from the store!